Hi! Welcome to kyleroden.com. I'm Kyle. I own this domain because hey... who doesn't need theirname.com? You can visit me either via kyleroden.com or kyro.co (because I don't like long urls!)

This website runs on a server at my house. Ubuntu with a simple LAMP stack. Hand written HTML. 1998 style. That's whats up.

Other things that are in the kyleroden.com universe:


Worlds best hosted wedding blog: Some good friends of mine are getting married and are aware that their is no better place on earth to host your website than my spare bedroom.

minecraft servers:
port 25565 ( www.kyleroden.com... default port -- map):this is the only server I'm running now. Come hang out!
I'm not a greedy guy... If you'd like your very own @kyleroden.com (and @kyro.co) email address, just ask! you're welcome

On the secure side of the site(https://www.kyleroden.com CA verified WHAT) I host a git repository (gitorious) for my personal projects and some other things that hopefully you can't find!

I also am hosting movie X on this site! download it here! If you don't know about movie X, there's never been a better time to find out. (NOTE: you probably want to right click and "save target/file" rather than trying to stream it.)

Stay tuned for a super awesome website with absolutely no content whatsoever!